Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Stadiums, Convention Centers, Campaign Funding

Remember the poll back in January that said the majority of NYC residents were against the new Bloomberg backed stadium for the Jets? A new poll is out today that explains why even though the people didn't want the stadium, the Jets are going to get it.

"The biggest players in the battle over a new West Side stadium in Manhattan are some the biggest spenders in Albany when it comes to lobbying and campaign contributions."

Now we see how these things work. It's not about what is best for the public. So when Jerry Jennings and John McEneny talk about why they think the Albany Convention Center is such a great idea even though it will lose money, you will know who they are really representing.

Other fun facts. Cablevision spent more money lobbying last year than anyone else. $22 million. And guess who Kenny Bruno reportedly will be lobbying for with his brand new Albany Strategies lobbying firm?

"The new firm will be called Albany Strategies, and Bruno said he expects to represent Cablevision"

Not bad for Kenny. Opens up a brand new shop and immediately lands the biggest spender in the state. He must be damn good.