Monday, April 11, 2005

Special Elections - May 10th

Special elections coming on May 10th. Supposedly Pataki scheduled them quickly so that the Democrats can't mount a real campaign for McGee's seat. From the AP:

"Governor George Pataki today set May 10th as the day for special elections that will fill vacant seats in both the state Senate and Assembly.Voters in western New York will look to fill the Senate seat left vacant by the April 2nd death of Republican Patricia McGee. "

"Meanwhile, voters in Queens will head to the polls to elect a successor to Democrat Michael Cohen, who resigned from the Assembly a few weeks ago."

"GOP leaders are looking to state Assemblywoman Catharine Young of Olean to be the party's candidate to replace McGee. Young won the Assembly seat vacated by McGee when she successfully ran for the Senate. "

"Democrats are expected to challenge with either state Assemblyman William Parment of the Jamestown area or Mark Thomas, the elected executive for Chautauqua County. Both have proven appeal to conservative voters and Republicans"