Thursday, April 14, 2005

Soares And Public Integrity

"I told the people of Albany County I would bring best practices," Soares said Wednesday during a news conference in his personal office. "Public integrity begins at home."

Apparently before Soares showed up the DA's office handled evidence storage the way my crazy uncle handles storage around his place. Throw it in a plastic bag and pile it up whereever. Which results in my uncle sometimes having trouble finding things. "hmmm...where did I put that old stuffed wolverine..." And apparently they had trouble at the DA's office, too. Missing? $25,000 in cash.

Anyway, Hevesi is on the case and they are going to start keeping track of evidence at the DA's office.

"Hevesi, who said he's never seen anything like it, pledged to continue to work with Soares to establish a way to better account for seized property: "This is unique in my experience and I want to compliment the district attorney for the way he's handled this."

Me, too. Nice work, District Attorney.