Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Return of The King

Remember when Chancellor King said he didn’t think having a car and driver was a perk? And remember when he was getting $7,500 a month for “housing costs” even though he lived in his own home? And remember when Chancellor King tried to give himself a raise to $420,000 a year at the same time he was raising tuition? Or how about when he made the following statement?

"Contrary to your assertion, I have only one driver, not three." Chancellor King

Well, the good trustees at SUNY want to reward Chancellor King for all that fine behavior now that he is resigning. You are probably thinking, “I bet he is going to get some nice golf clubs at his going away party”. And you might be right. But along with those golf clubs he is going to become a “university professor”. You are probably thinking, “I’d prefer the golf clubs”. But then you may not know that as a “university professor” you get some perks. How does $206,000 a year until you die sound?

Now you might be thinking “what the #@*^$?!” You probably want some answers. How does that happen? Does that mean he is teaching classes? What? Why? Hasn’t this jackass taken enough of our tax dollars?

From the TU some more info on how you become a “university professor”.

"The title is conferred by trustees to campus presidents and administration officials, but it is not clear what guidelines exist, if any. A 1995 procedure memo available on SUNY's Web site indicates that "procedures governing the awarding of university professorships are under development."

OK. So there are no guidelines. How about job description?

“If trustees approve King as a university professor, his first task will be to become the interim president of the State University College at Potsdam. After that, his duties have not been specified.”

So, how about that as a perk? $206,000 a year until you die and your job duties aren’t even specified. I wonder if King would consider that a “perk”?

Back to work. Need to pay those taxes so King can keep living large. Outraged yet?