Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Privitization Rearing Its Ugly Head?

First Russia privatizes its oil industry and now NY wants to privatize non-profit health insurance? It hasn't worked out so well for Russia. But I digress.

"Here's how the scheme would work: First, Albany would approve the conversion of one of the state's largest non-profit health insurers — the HIP Health Plan — into a for-profit company. "

This is going to raise some quick cash to make it seem like our state budget is sound. What's Hevesi got to say about this?

"The governor's plan pushes far too many problems into the future, instead of providing solutions today," State Comptroller Alan Hevesi said recently. No matter. The vultures are circling.

Union leaders certainly will get a cut.

Lawmakers will fund their pet projects — including, perhaps, the stem-cell-research foundation that Silver covets.

Mayor Bloomberg may even get a $300 million check from Albany to help pay for his West Side stadium.

And taxpayers, of course, will be left holding the bag. Again. "

I kind of like the way these cats write. Maybe I could get them to come on board here at DIA.

Doesn't it bother any other tax payers that we are funding the Jets? The Jets?! Even the Mets would be a better cause. We are probably buying Broadway Joe free drinks with our tax dollars. He'll probably want to kiss all of us for funding this stadium.