Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Marist poll results.

51% of New Yorkers would vote to re-elect Hillary. 31% wouldn't and 12% don't know what they would do since no one is currently running against Hillary.

If Guiliani ran against her for Sentate he currently leads 49% to 47%. I'm sure MSNBC would call this a decisive lead but in polling terms, it's a tie. Oddly if those two were running for president in '08 Guiliani would clean house at 51% to 43%. So, I guess in New York we think its ok to have a woman Senator but we aren't so sure about the Whitehouse. Too bad the national Republicans won't be supporting the cross- dressing, liberal, divorced Rudy.

In other Polling News only 36% percent of New Yorkers could name their Governor while Eliot Spitzer received the highest statewide approval rating at 61%. Cue the Minarik Needs a Controversy Music.