Saturday, April 16, 2005

Political Police Report...continued

Someone should start a blog just for this topic.

"A Rensselaer County legislator wants local lawmakers to look into why District Attorney Patricia DeAngelis allowed her confidential assistant to attend college classes during work hours while collecting a $61,500-a-year salary."

How could this happen? Who would've hired someone and then let them attend college classes while being paid with tax payer money?

"Ellis, who is the niece of former county Republican Chairman James Walsh, was hired by former District Attorney Ken Bruno in in 1997 at a salary of $26,000".

Wow. Making double the money she was when she started eight years ago AND not bothering to show up for work. That Kenny is quite a talent scout.

Perhaps Kenny could hire her over at Albany Strategies and pay her some real cash. Albany Strategies is a connections first type of shop.