Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Political Police Report

So the Mayor of Schenectady has called for the resignation of City Council member Della Ratta for allegedly breaking into someone's house and beating them. Della Ratta says he won't resign and he doesn't have to unless he is convicted of a felony:

"A City Council member accused of beating a man he saw with a former girlfriend has no plans to resign, his attorney said Monday. "

"He's been convicted of nothing at this point in time. This is basically a fight, and people have jumped to conclusions," E. Stewart Jones [Della Ratta's lawyer] said of Peter Della Ratta. "Let the case play itself out. ... It's preposterous for him to resign at this point in time."

Then, the lawyer goes on to defend his client's actions saying it was "completely spontaneous". Apparently if you act quickly and without any previous planning when you beat people, that is ok?

But really why should he resign? In Albany the police chief admitted to an illegal operation AND to lying to cover it up and he kept his job even when he admitted that his activities could "cost me my job". And then there was the cop that got drunk, hit a tractor trailer on 787 and then set his house on fire trying to park his car in his garage (and missing badly). He kept his job. So there is a local precedent for public officials that misbehave not having to resign. The only real difference is that the Schenectady Mayor has asked for a resignation and the Albany Mayor has not.