Friday, April 15, 2005

Political Police Report

Hopefully this won't become a regular column. To the allegations and indictments:

Schenectady - From the TU - "Mayor Brian U. Stratton joined the growing list of Democrats calling for the resignation of City Councilman Peter Della Ratta as a special prosecutor assigned to Della Ratta's assault case announced Thursday that a grand jury will hear the case and consider felony charges. "

Originally this story was reported with Della Ratta beating up the 21 year old kid of a woman that confronted him at a common council meeting. That doesn't appear to be the case anymore (althogh there weren't any retractions or corrections in the paper). Now they are saying he broke into the home of the 21 year old and beat him because he caught him with his ex-girlfriend. Which is worse for him because that will get him some extra felony charges.

And apparently Della Ratta isn't planning on resigning.

Troy - From the TU - "City Councilman Bill Dunne has been placed on paid leave from his state job while a personnel matter is being investigated." No more details at this time and no one is talking.

Troy Update - School Board member arrested for welfare fraud. Could face jail time.

Ballston Spa - Now this one isn't actually a politician being accused of a crime, just a politician vouching for someone accused of a crime.

"U.S. Rep. John E. Sweeney's son and two other young men were indicted by a Saratoga County grand jury Thursday for allegedly attacking and seriously injuring a Stillwater resident during a brawl last summer. "

Rep. Sweeney:

"First and foremost, I have every confidence in my son's innocence and I am certain the judicial process will reflect his innocence. There was no evidence or justification for the charges that have been made and I am deeply disturbed by the lack of a thorough investigation during the early stages of this incident"

Unfortunately, the other kid had broken bones in his face and some teeth knocked out so obviously everyone's stories aren't adding up. So, your tax payer dollars are probably going to end up paying off some civil suit at some point.

In National crime news, John Bolton recently spent some time lying about his past.