Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pataki - You Guys Noticed That?

In a very rare press session our Governor actually took some questions yesterday and thankfully someone asked him about Ken Bruno's recent lobbying success. From the TU:

"Anytime that you have anything that ... casts doubt that decisions are being made in Albany ... other than what is right for the people of New York it concerns you," he said. "We want to not just govern well, but I also want the people of this state to have confidence in how we are governing."

Which of course we can translate as "I'm not running for Governor again". Because if all of a sudden he is going to start saying that he wants to look into ANYTHING that casts doubts on the way decisions are being made in know he's headed out the door. But, George, before you leave...about that billion dollars? And how about that illegal PAC down in Virginia?

But back to more Humorous Moments in Lobbying. Ken Bruno's dad's spokesmen had this to say on the recent fantastic lobbying success of young Ken.

"John McArdle, a spokesman for the elder Bruno, said the Senate plans to support lobbying reforms, and that changes won't be because of any one lobbyist's activities. He said Pataki's comments about Ken Bruno could have applied just as easily to former Pataki administration officials who have entered the ranks of lobbyists."

We couldn't agree more McArdle. They are all a bunch of highly paid bribers that work for corporations and could care less about the people of New York. Thanks for clearing that up. And yeah, you're welcome. About what you ask? My taxes paying your salary, that's what.