Saturday, April 09, 2005

Park South Plans

Want to know what the real estate developers that contribute to Mayor Jennings’ campaign think about you, the people? Try this one on for size. The two Albany based developers that are vying to get the Park South project DIDNT mention the fact that the project might involve the use of eminent domain in their proposals. However, the company from Boston that is bidding on the project did. Apparently they realize the use of eminent domain isn’t something that you ignore as a developer. I think they should get the project on that alone. The two Albany based companies are BBL and State Street Partners. You know who BBL are right? They just built the new office tower in downtown Albany on land that the city gave them for free. And they are opening a high-end members-only restaurant in that tower. And last week Hillary Clinton stopped by in town for an exclusive fundraiser for Mayor Jennings at that restaurant. Don't be surprised when they win the Park South project.

If these Albany developers bothered to discuss eminent domain at all for their proposals, I’m sure it went down something like that scene out of The Godfather.

“Should we mention eminent domain?”

“What’s that?”

“That is where we can decide to tear down their houses and they can’t do anything about it”

“Huh? No. They’re animals anyway, let them lose their houses”.