Thursday, April 14, 2005

NY Budget - Clear As Mud

Most dysfunctional legislature in existence? Worse than Liberia? I don't think so. The NY Legislature is back to working like the well oiled machine it has always been. Three men, $1 billion dollars of your tax dollars, closed doors and....its business as usual and we are functioning quite well.

"The new state budget contains more than $1 billion for unknown projects and purposes."

"No one can say what will become of the money, because it is subject to deals worked out among Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Gov. George Pataki. Most of it will be borrowed without the approval of voters and divvied up without public scrutiny."

At least Representative Parment is still speaking up:

"There's more than a billion dollars subject to three guys," said Assemblyman William Parment, D-Jamestown, one of the few Democrats who voted against budget bills that created more debt. "You think they're going to have you over to the Red Room for a debate on it?" he asked rhetorically, referring to the open budget talks leaders had this year in the governor's chamber.

Business as usual. Except unlike the old days they now are wasting your tax dollars "on time".