Monday, April 04, 2005

Most Dysfunctional Legislature - The Movie?

Filmaker Jonathan Stack returned from his time working in Liberia and decided to make a documentary about the NYS Legislature. His motivation?

"It really came about from filming in Liberia," he said. "Democracy. It matters more to them somehow. At times we take it for granted. Most people don't even know who their local representatives are."

Now I'm sure you know that at a place called Democracy In Albany, we also are for more people taking an active role in their government. But....filming the Legislature in session might not do the trick. Did you see the Assemblyman with the tie that said, "It's A Budget"? I'm not sure ties with motivational messages are really going to get the youth lining up to get involved. Personally I think a break down of the budget outlining all of the pork and giveaways would be a good place to start. Then maybe something showing how little taxes corporations pay as compared to the rest of us. Then perhaps some slo-mo shots of lobbyists eating in expensive restaurants. Then some quotes from Pataki saying how he doesn't think you should raise the minimum wage. Cut that together with some snappy music and run it on a loop in any establishment that pays minimum wage. Then, if you are lucky and no one takes up arms, you probably will at least get some people wanting to vote.