Monday, April 18, 2005

More Minarik

At at time when Washington's Republicans are drunk on power and want to eliminate the filibuster, New York's Republicans are not quite keeping up with the national trends. Not only has State GOP Republican Chairman Stephen Minarik III had a couple of false starts on some Rovian smear campaigns, now he and Pataki's smeary consultant Arthur Finkelstein are feuding over who hates Hillary more. One has launched a Stop Hillary Now campaign and the other has launched a Stop Her Now campaign. In this case it really doesn't matter who is doing what, but they are mad at each other for bringing so much attention to their inability to come up with even one unique idea that might work. And they still don't have a candiate to run against Hillary so right now their "Stop" plan isn't quite complete. Even the TU calls Minarik silly in their editorial today. Here's to hoping we get Minarik all the way through the '06 elections.

In other news for a slow news day the TU reports:

"Pataki, who, along with Giuliani, is said to be considering a presidential run, is widely expected not to seek a fourth gubernatorial term."