Wednesday, April 06, 2005

McLain Announcing

In the future I will be adding this type of information to the new campaign section for the new site in development but not yet accessible ( The site should be up and running by May 1. But for now, here is the press release from Ford McLain (R-Albany) who is running for Common Council in the 7th ward. Any other candidates that want their releases posted should send them along. To the release:

Albany -- At noon on Saturday, April 9, 2005, Ford McLain will formally announce his candidacy for the open seat for the 7th Ward of Albany Common Council on the front porch of his 12 Summit Avenue home. Ford McLain has been a resident of Albany for almost ten years and has lived on Summit Avenue since July 2000.

“This campaign is about the future of the 7th Ward and the future of the City of Albany,” McLain said. “I will reach out to my fellow neighbors and friends, businesses and local organizations to build a fusion campaign. The 7th Ward is rich in cultural, economic and political assets. As a Common Council member, I will work with anyone who is willing and who wants to enhance quality of life in this Ward and promote its assets to the city at large.”