Friday, April 22, 2005

Mayor Jennings WROW

Wow. This one will probably go down in history as "The Show". Unfortunately a 14 year old girl got injured pretty badly 2 weeks ago and she is apparently going to be suing the Albany PD because she claims they were the ones that hurt her. The pictures are ugly. And the calls started coming in, and the people weren't happy. Lots of talk about "accountability" for the PD's actions (from the callers, not the Mayor). I'll have a full recount later but there were a couple of points that deserve to be mentioned now:

The Mayor never once mentioned the 14 year old girl or expressed any concern for her.

At one point the Mayor said, "You know what, buddy, you're from Cohoes, I don't care what you think!". That's our Mayor. Staying positive like he always does. Building bridges.

When they finally got someone on the line that was for the Mayor he said, "Liberalism is a mental disease...where can i get some of your campaign posters". I'm not so sure that is really helping his case.

For those of you who missed it, at some point there will be audio of it available on the web. I really think every Albany citizen should hear the first 20 minutes of the show. After that they went into damage control and the Mayor talked about tulips, the USS Slater, the golf course, HVCC, etc.