Friday, April 15, 2005

Mayor Jennings - WROW

After some time off Mayor Jennings is back on the radio. Considering all that has gone on in the past few weeks you would have thought there would be some excitement, but there wasn't much. Highlights:

Don't burn your leaves in the City of Albany. No open fires please.

Some guy named Brian called up, praised the Mayor for all of his recent endorsements and then mentioned he is running for the open common council seat in the 7th ward. The Mayor then scolded Brian for this since you aren't allowed to "advertise" on the program. Laughter ensued. I wonder who the Mayor will be endorsing in the 7th? Right now the only declared candidate is Republican Ford Mclain. You can check out Mclain's campaign blog here.

Some woman called in and questioned him about the recent illegal investigation by the Police Chief among other questions she had about the Albany PD. Mayor Jennings danced around the issue, said he had faith in the PD and we didn't hear anymore from that lady.