Sunday, April 24, 2005

Mayor Jennings WROW - continued

On Friday April 22nd there were several calls to Mayor Jennings' WROW radio show concerning his management of the Albany Police Department. This is the transcription of one of the calls:

Caller: Mayor, Uh, uh, I, I don’t know. In the last 18 months we had the police shooting, the Scaringe shooting down in Albany, and one of the cops involved had just come off a two year suspension, then you got the cops digging around in people’s e-mails, sending out fake subpoenas, illegal fake subpoenas, then you got this incident here and you got ah, I know of at least one other incident and I’m sure I haven’t hit ‘em all. And every single time Mayor, we hear you say that, you know, you’re gonna let the system take its course and hold them accountable. Can you tell me one time in the last 18 months any cop …and the other thing was the guy sending the robber home…can you tell me a single time in the last 18 months that anyone’s been held accountable?…ah, really held accountable? In the police department.

Mayor Jennings: Yeah, there’s several officers that aren’t presently working..that were held accountable, that have been held.. I’m not going to get into the specifics with you. You, you, you run down… and its easy to take these incidents and generalize about a department. Not fair, not fair, Mike. I think its..ah, you’re off base, we’ve investigated we’ll continue and I”ll hold the chief and his staff accountable in the incidents we’re talking about right now and we’re gonna continue to do it. But I’m not gonna you know kill people personally on this radio show, because some people… don’t like the incidents. We’ve had some unfortunate incidents…we’ve also had a police officer lose his life you know in the line of duty trying to protect the citizens here. Some people seem to just dismiss that. Because every day these guys go out there, they don’t know what they are going to be confronted with the men and women of this department and yes I have a fine police department. Do we have issues? Like any other organization you’re gonna have issues. Are we gonna deal with them? Yes we’re gonna deal with them. So… be careful….and just be fair.

The bold has obviously been added for emphasis.

1) What officers "aren't presently working"? If anyone knows of any examples please share them. From what I know any of the officers involved in these incidents are still working or just had a short suspension. And how many is "several"? Is the Mayor lying?

2) "Be careful"? You heard the man. If you choose to criticize him, you better "be careful".