Monday, April 25, 2005

Mayor Jennings - Sorry, Cohoes...

As mentioned before, last Friday's WROW call in show was a bit unusual as some callers were asking tough questions of Mayor Jennings. A previous call is transcribed here. And now the unlucky Cohoes caller:

Caller: Yes, hello. Hi…I’m calling…I’m I’m very troubled um how are we supposed to take people’s words I mean we had a situation in Albany where you had a cop who was drunk, who hit a truck and then ran off in his car to hide he found an open garage in the basement in of an apartment complex, was so drunk he couldn’t even get in there banged into the garage a few times to get his Corvette in there and then it set, it set the building on fire. The newspeople went to court on his day of court and you said, “leave him alone, he’s a good kid”. Why are we supposed to…

Mayor: That was a remark I made in passing to one of the local TV stations

Caller: Yeah. He’s a good kid though, huh?

Mayor: And you know what, he’s not a bad kid?

Caller: [Laughs] A three hundred dollar fine? That’s boy, you, ah, he was really reprimanded.

Mayor: You know, Jay

Caller: I hope you get a, I hope we get a new Mayor in Albany

Mayor: You’re in Cohoes so I really don’t care what you think, Jay. I do, but I like your Mayor. But as far as I’m concerned, you know what, that’s an incident that's been dealt with... the young man’s learned from. That’s all we ask, you know. Fortunately no one got hurt in it. And that’s, that is something we deal with in life. That is why this job is so challenging because everyone can do it better.

End of Call.

The Mayor says that all he asks is that we learn from these events. For once, the Mayor and I are 100% in agreement.