Thursday, April 14, 2005

Mayor Jennings - Seeing Through Things

Let me just start off by saying that I'm not making this stuff up. I really wish I was but what you are about to read is, sadly, true. Would you like the good news or the bads news first? Good news? Ok.

A while back a bunch of 13 year olds in Albany stabbed some other 13 year olds. Thankfully, no one was killed. However, it was linked to gang violence and now we have four 13 year olds serving a year each in a Juvenile detention center. And that isn't exactly a good starting point for kids. So, what has Mayor Jennings said about this gang violence among the children of Albany? Nothing. So, like anything else in Albany, if you want to make a positive difference in your community, you need to bypass City Hall and do it yourself. Which leads us to our good news. Let's start with the headline:

Community Reaches Out to Students at Livingston

Sounds good, doesn't it? How about this?

"Several dozen parents, the D.A. and two Albany City judges plan to show up at Livingston armed with, among other thing, Dunkin Donuts. "

"After several violent incidents in or near the school, including a serious gang assault in which a 13-year old was stabbed, the parents and public officials will be at Livingston at dismissal time to talk with the kids. "

"I think that it's important for them to know that there are adults everywhere who care about them," said organizer, Barbara Smith. (that is Barbara Smith who is running for Common Council in the Fourth Ward).

So now for the bad news. What does Mayor Jennings have to say about this effort?

"I think it's kind of a knee-jerk reaction that the kids are gonna see right through," said Jennings.

I'm not making this shit up. But now for the truly unbelievable bit.

"Mayor Jenning says he does not understand. "To go up and give kids donuts at dismissal, god forbid if one of them is a diabetic "

Ok. Deep breath. Calm down.

So, Mayor Jennings thinks the kids will "see right through" this effort by the parents, judges and DA to get involved with the kids. Ok. I think they also will see right through the Mayor's efforts because its easy to see through what he is doing to help these kids which is....NOTHING. Not hard to see through that.

I'm thinking a re-election slogan for Mayor Jennings could be:

"Keeping Your Streets Safe and Donut Free"