Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Madison Theatre Update

So either the editorial group at the Times Union is completely unaware of what is going on in the communities in Albany OR they intentionally just insulted a group of citizens that are responsible for what the TU is now saying will result in an Albany neighborhood having its “streets full of hope and possibility” and calling it the “best story in Albany”. The story is the Madison Theatre. And as you are probably aware there was a group of citizens that organized to try to save it from becoming a CVS. They called themselves the Friends of the Madison Theatre. They held meetings, invited elected officials to the meetings, investigated options to save the theatre, involved the media (those in the media that were paying attention), etc. They did all of this for no money and just because they wanted to improve their own neighborhood and in Albany if you want your neighborhood to be improved, you have to do it yourself. And after all that, the TU runs an editorial declaring it the “best story in Albany” but unfortunately they failed to credit the “authors” of that story. It is shameful that they would write this feel good commentary and not mention those responsible for it.

A link to another Albany publication that recently took the time to THANK these people.