Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Local Politics

This sort of story certainly doesn't motivate people to get involved in local politics.

"Mayor Brian U. Stratton (Schenectady) said Tuesday that the arrest of City Councilman Peter Della Ratta for allegedly beating a man -- and a subsequent public outcry -- is becoming a distraction that threatens to undermine other city business."

Not the kind of story you want to read. And what was the Councilman angry about?

"Stratton's remarks came four days after Della Ratta's arrest on a misdemeanor assault charge for allegedly beating 21-year-old Matthew Mairoriello and one day after Mairoriello's mother angrily confronted Della Ratta at a televised City Council meeting."

So, confront your politician and your children get beat up. Let's hope they don't read these stories in Iraq.