Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Lesson for National Republicans?

We know Tom Delay and Bill Frist don't read the NY Times and George Bush likes to brag that he doesn't read any papers at all. However, with Delay making it impossible for the majority party to be held accountable for any ethics violations and Frist trying to take away the only power the minority party has by ending the filibuster, it might behoove them to read about their minority brethren in the NY Assembly. Apparently here in NY the Assembly Republicans think the minority party should have some say in the government.

"It's important that the minority party have an ability to get them to the floor where everyone can have a say," Ms. Cummings [spokeswoman for Assemblyman Charles H. Nesbitt] said of the bills.

"Obviously it's a disappointment that the Democrats don't see the value of letting the full Assembly vote on criminalizing methamphetamine production," said Cummings.

Hubris is tricky stuff. When you're all drunk on power and the going is good, you think its going to last forever. Similar to a methamphetamine high (who knew it was legal to make that stuff?). But eventually they both wear off and you have to face reality.