Wednesday, April 13, 2005

King Me

Chancellor King got the cash and now makes about four times more than the average SUNY professor and will do so until he dies. But for now he's off to SUNY Potsdam to work some of his magic there. I bet you can get some sweet digs up in Potsdam for $7,500 a month. So what do they think of all this up at Potsdam?

"George Gonos, president of Potsdam's chapter of the United University Professions faculty union, acknowledged dissent has been bubbling since news of King's arrival broke last week.

"What I think rankles faculty is the idea that after he steps down from interim president, he's guaranteed such a high salary as a professor that's so far above where any of the rest of us are," said Gonos.

Good luck, Gonos.