Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jennings vs. The Insurgents

Mayor Jennings kicked off his campaign for re-election last night. All the good citizens of Albany attended and joined in rousing cheers of "four more years". The bad citizens that want to "run the city down", as the Mayor said, well those people stayed home and watched North Carolina beat Illinois. Everyone loves an upset. Well, at least bad people do.

Reporter Brian Nearing covered the event and I have to say that while I normally like his writing the following sentence is a pretty bad example of word choice (unless you want to paint those opposed to the Mayor as terrorists...).

"setting the stage for a possible rematch between Democrats aligned with the mayor and the insurgents"

I'll leave it up to you to pick out the offending word. My only guess as to why this word could end up in the TU to describe political opposition in Albany is that from the coverage in the TU, its pretty clear they don't pay much attention to the current war in Iraq.

So, you might say, "who are these good people that support the Mayor?" To the Money Quote:

"The mayor is in a very good position now and deserves to be our mayor for the next four years," said Tracy Metzger of T.L. Metzger & Associates, an Albany real estate company.

The Mayor also said some other stuff. All of which was true and very positive. Because he's just that way.