Thursday, April 28, 2005

Investigating the DA

Rennsalaer County DA Patricia DeAngelis has been catching some heat about having an employee of hers take college classes during the day while making around $60K a year. The employee has since resigned. Denied wrongdoing. A request of investigation by Democratic county legislature member James Monahan has been denied by the Republican members that have a majority (the DA is a Republican). Monahan has now called in Spitzer for some help. No word from Spitzers office. There should be plenty of quotes to follow that say, "this is a politically motivated witchhunt by the other side....blah...blah".

Apparently the employee in question didn't deny she went to college during the day. She said she did her job during lunchbreaks, nights and weekends. This really all could've been solved if she worked during the day and went to college on nights and weekends like most people do. That way she could've kept her $60,000 a year job. You don't find too many of those around here as a recent college grad.