Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hitting the Bars As A Way To Learn?

Sometimes you pick up the paper in the morning and you have to put it right back down. Go get some coffee, splash a little cold water on the face, try to get things right. And then its back to the paper. And the story is still there. In the very same week where Mayor Jennings belittled parents for meeting the kids outside the Livingston school with donuts, the Mayor decided to go out drinking with the college kids in Albany to really get to see what goes down in Albany. Meet the kids with beers!! They'll like that. And along for the ride and comic relief was SUNY Albany president Kermit Hall with one of the funniest quotes ever in the TU.

"You can't understand the way places work unless you understand the anthropology and culture of them"

The "places" in question were Pauly's Hotel, Sadie Klutz's, The Lampost and other Albany bars. Hey, Kermit, you don't mind if I call you Kermit, do you? Great. Anytime you've got five minutes I can fill you in on how "the places work". We can meet up at Pauly's. You can leave your $0.50 cent words at the door and save that money for some really cold crappy tasting beer.

So, back to our Mayor. 12 years on the job and he wants us to believe he doesn't know "what its like in the bars". Ok. Perhaps he was looking for gang activity? I hear the Tri Delts aren't too happy with the Sigma Chi's these days.