Tuesday, April 19, 2005

GOP Assembly Drunken Coup Lulu Losers

The drunken bloodless failed coup last week at the NY State Assembly is now officially over. And as with any good coup the talk has turned to lu-lus. What are "lu-lu's" you ask? Well, when grown men and women get paid big chunks of extra cash at work for doing nothing, they tend to like to make up silly names for the money, because it really is sillly. Thus, the $15,000 "stipend" that coup leader Daniel Burling was being paid (above and beyond his salary and rather hefty per diem) to be Deputy Minority Whip, that money is considered a lu-lu. Really, why not? But since Burling called the Minority Leader Charles Nesbitt "wishy washy"and then failed at his coup, he will be losing his lu-lu. As will two of his brothers in arms.

And now the good ship New York is left without a Deputy Minority Whip in our Assembly. Let's see how the next week goes. I say if you don't notice any difference in your daily life, we don't fill the position and we use that $15,000 for something more beneficial for the people of NY. Our own personal little lu-lu.