Monday, April 25, 2005

Election '06 - Sale Pending

It's really becoming a local tradition. Bloomberg buys the position of Mayor of NYC. Over in NJ, Jon Corzine buys himself a Senate seat and now is buying the right to the Governor's mansion. It's modern Democracy. No need to have corporate overlords fund your own campaign because you already are a corporate overlord! And it works. So, the NY Republicans have been shopping around for a good candidate.

"Mr. Weld, a former governor of Massachusetts, who is now a private equity specialist and a novelist in Manhattan, is the latest Republican to be mentioned by the party."

Now, I know you are thinking "Novelist?! If he isn't John Grisham I don't think I'm voting for a novelist". But don't despair. That sideline as a private equity specialist keeps him in the money while he waits for Hollywood to option his novels. And now for the no longer secret GOP strategy of finding a candidate that will run on the principles they truly believe in:

"If Mr. Pataki does not run, top Republicans say, it would be ideal to recruit a billionaire like Mr. Bloomberg (or even a millionaire, like Mr. Weld) who can run with his own money while the state party pours resources into battling Mrs. Clinton."

Apparently there is only one qualification necessary if you want their endorsement. If you know any out of work billionaires, pass the word along. The Times Union says this guy wants to run for Governor, but who is he kidding?