Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Dr. Frist's Shame

Wow. Those people that thought the Times Union was liberal before must really be hopping mad. Last week they called for House Majority Leader Tom Delay to resign and recommended local Rep John Sweeney speak up and support this resignation (Sweeney stayed silent on the issue). Now this week they are saying Senante Majority Leader Bill Frist's behavior is shameful. I couldn't agree more. What is Mr. Frist up do these days? Trying to kill the filibuster. And how is he doing his killing? Why, with religion, how else would you kill?

Frist will be speaking at the Familiy Research Council this Sunday to talk about ending the filibuster (and of course, religion). This will be a nationally televised event. Check out the FRC's website. See the freshly scrubbed nice young white boy in the image on the left holding a gavel in one hand and a bible in the other? The text says, "We should not have to choose between public service and faith". That's right! These wack jobs are trying to say that if you want to be a judge, you have to be a faithless atheist (like those Democrats that want to filibuster their judges that aren't faithless atheists). And Mr. Frist would prefer a theocracy with his God of choice at the head of the table so he is drumming up support to get rid of the filibuster. Which, in America, is shameful.