Thursday, April 21, 2005

Citizens Action Endorsing Albany Candidates

Cititzens Action, the group that helped get David Soares elected, has announced some endorsements of candidates for the Common Council:

Shawn Morris - President (Other current candidates are Sarah Curry-Cobb and Greg Burch)

Dominick Calsolaro - 1st Ward, Incumbent

Barbara Smith - 4th Ward

Cathy Fahey - 7th Ward ( Other current candidates are Brian Scavo and Ford Mclain. For some reason the TU article didn't mention Mr. Mclain. Tough to be a Republican in this town)

So who are the Citizens Action people and what do they care about?

"Deanne Grimaldi, co-chairwoman of the local Citizen Action board, said, "We are pleased to support these candidates who have shown a commitment to moving Albany forward in a positive, cooperative manner. "

"They have all worked with us on issues such as improving education, supporting more and better after-school opportunities for local children, and public safety and other quality-of-life issues here in Albany."

Citizens Action says they are still considering other endorsements and will announce them in May or June.