Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bruno - Opportunity for Redemption

Well that fantastic on-time budget we got here in NY wasn't really as on time or "finished" as some people pointed out back when they celebrations were going on. Seems there were some constituencies that didn't quite get what they needed in the budget. I'm thinking Ken Bruno should get on the case and make sure they get their money. Who are these constituents? From the TU editorial titled A Reckless Budget:

"last week in a report by the Division of the Budget, which warned that the state may have no recourse but to suspend payment for health programs serving the poor and elderly if $2.2 billion included in the new budget fails to materialize by June 30".

So there we have it. We know Ken Bruno is good at making funding materialize. How about a little pro bono work? Come on, you've heard of the poor and elderly, right?

Just one more reason George Pataki won't be running for re-election.