Friday, April 15, 2005

Albany Drunken Republican Coup Attempt

This story is very enlightening. I think the three main points to take away from this story are:

1) New York Republicans needs to start getting a unified front together because things aren't exactly going their way these days and they can't afford the infighting. The part about the failed Loyalty Oath in this story is quite comical.

2) The next time you hear NY Assembly members claiming they "worked until midnight" you need to ask them "was that because you spent most of the night at a restaurant getting drunk instead of actually working?"

3) Don't get drunk and gripe about your job AND then go back to work and try to take your boss' job.

From the NYTimes:

"The political drama, strange even by Albany's low bar for weirdness, goes like this: Over dinner and drinks here at Café Italia Tuesday, Republicans at the table said, they began discussing grievances about the style and the staff of Mr. Nesbitt, the Assembly minority leader.

After the wine was drained, they returned to the Capitol for late-night votes, and whispers spread about holding a vote of no confidence in Mr. Nesbitt. Yet before the agitators could line up votes against Mr. Nesbitt, word of the would-be coup reached him, and he began rallying forces to his side.

"It looks like the coup plotters forgot the two rules before attempting any coup: You need to count votes, and you need to know you can win," mused State Senator Nicholas Spano, a Westchester Republican, who was around for the 1994 coup that ousted Ralph Marino as Republican majority leader in the Senate.

Just before midnight Tuesday, Mr. Nesbitt called for a meeting with the chief agitator, Assemblyman Daniel J. Burling of Wyoming County, a member of the Republican leadership team. Sitting down in the minority leader's office, Mr. Burling said, he was asked to pledge loyalty to Mr. Nesbitt. Mr. Burling refused and was asked to leave immediately."

There is more in the article. A fun read.