Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Albany Convention Center - Losing Momentum?

Yesterday Albany County executive Mike Breslin appointed his two picks for the Albany Convention Center Authority. He was the first person to nominnate anyone. Pataki, Bruno, Silver and Jennings also get to nominate people but have yet to do so. Apparently Breslin is getting worried about the lack of progress on the convention center and wanted to kick start the process.

"The City, and more importantly the State, must take the next step to move forward," Breslin said, in a press release. "I am concerned with the lack of progress that seems to be threatening the momentum and cooperation we had last year."

Fred Lebrun was just talking about this a while back. He seemed to think there was an odd silence surrounding the project. Since the convention center will be funded by our tax dollars, is guaranteed to lose money, and will do nothing to help the local economy after all the construction jobs are gone, I think this is a good thing. Read more about convention centers and why they don't help local economies.