Thursday, April 14, 2005

Albany Convention Center - It Lives?

"Five members of a nine-member convention center authority have now been selected by County Executive Michael Breslin, Mayor Jerry Jennings and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver."

Apparently the convention center isn't as dead in the water as some may have thought (or, like me, hoped). Just got to get that Governor on board. To the money quote from the Times Union.

"[Mayor] Jennings said Tuesday he was confused"

It's about time they started reporting on that bit. But back to the convention center story. Although Breslin announced his choices yesterday and expressed his concern about the whole process, Mayor Jennings now claims he was on the case weeks ago.

"I've already submitted my two choices to that office, and I questioned Mike a few weeks ago why he hadn't done that yet," the mayor said. "Sometimes getting approval from the appointments office is the most time-consuming part of the process."

Hmm. Jennings and Breslin seem to be squabbling over this. Wasn't it just last week Breslin was endorsing Jennings for re-election? I guess its time to go back to the old "Jennings and Breslin don't get along and thus we have two competing political entities in this town" story so the people can be tricked into thinking they might have someone looking out for their best interest. Don't believe the hype. They both get their cut of the pie. And they will fight to keep each other in place. Because if one goes, the other is next on the chopping block. Back to the money quote:

"[Mayor] Jennings said Tuesday he was confused"

And apparently we still have no idea how we all will pay for this convention center:

"Plans call for a convention center and hotel complex within a mile of the Empire State Plaza, although a multiyear state lease of the facility and a county hotel bed tax that would have paid for the work were dropped from the law shortly before it was passed after frenzied negotiations."