Friday, April 15, 2005

Albany Building Codes

No one is going to argue that Albany has a problem with building code enforcement and vacant buildings. This past year the Wellington Row issue made it pretty clear the city is not doing its job to properly enforce building codes. At the time of the Wellington issue Mayor Jennings made it clear that since there were over 800 vacant buildings in the city so the should't be blamed for any lapses in enforcement. From the Metroland:

“There are 800 other vacant buildings in this city,” said Jennings when questioned about the city’s sudden concern for the Wellington. “We deal with them when we can.”

So, it appears that according to the Mayor the reason we haven't had good code enforcement is that the problem is just too big. So, Mayor Jennings has now appointed a new Director of Buildings and Codes, Nick DiLello. Mr. DiLello will now " take on the thorny task of enforcing city building codes". And Mr. Dilello is up to the task because he is confident in the abilities of the existing seven enforcement officers on staff. DiLello:

"There is more than enough staff in the department to go around"

Someone should tell Mr. DiLello it's not good to contradict your boss on the first day on the job. Even if you are right. But, aside from that, welcome aboard Mr. DiLello! Some code enforcement is sorely needed in the city of Albany.