Saturday, April 16, 2005

Activists in the Seventh!!

I'm not sure what kind of government we are going to have in Albany if these "activists" keep running for office. They are always so "active" and involved in their communities. Makes me suspicious. Perhaps they want to help?

Things are getting busy in the 7th ward in Albany. Ford Mclain has already announced he is running for the seat on the Republican side (and it may just be me but so far he kind of sounds like an activist himself...). Some guy Brian called into Mayor Jennings radio show yesterday and said he was running (the guy sounded like a real pro if that is how is decided to announce...but I'm assuming he is the Mayor's pick for the job). Word is that it was Brian Scavo. And now, according to the TU, we've got ourselves an "activist". Cathy Fahey has announced she is running and got the "immediate support of the incumbent[Shawn Morris]". (I'd link to it but they don't appear to have it on the site). Apparently Fahey worked on the Soares campaign which according to the TU makes her an activist. Who knew it was so easy? I worked on the campaign, too. Can't wait to tell my mom I'm an activist.