Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Wellington and Sebba Rockaway, Pt 9

More in the TU on the Wellington Row and Sebba Rockaway. Sebba still hasn't paid their $490,000 fine and still has done nothing to address the code violations at the Wellington. Now the city wants to inspect the other 4 buildings owned by Sebba on Wellington Row. But Sebba is refusing. So the city will have to get a search warrant. Why is Sebba refusing? Here is what their lawyer said:

"When the city said the building is unsafe, I have a problem letting people in there"

That is right! They are saying you can't go in to inspect the buildings to see if they are safe because WE KNOW they are unsafe. I don't think that argument would hold up in court.

If you need some more Wellingon background, here it is.