Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sweeney....Well....We're Waiting

Representative John Sweeney hasn't exactly flip flopped. He said he was going to hold a town hall meeting to discuss his views on social security. And its not that he's now said he won't have a meeting with his constituents its that he hasn't said anything at all. He's hiding. Anyway, the good people at have released the following statement which I will shamelessly quote verbatim because I'm a sucker for grassroots efforts and because I learned all my reporting skills from Jeff Gannon. From In This Together:

“We can’t keep on waiting for Rep. Sweeney. Rep. Sweeney continues to leave his constituents in the dark on his stance toward privatizing Social Security. It is upsetting that the Congressman has not taken the time to meet publicly with his constituents to hear what they have to say. Therefore, we have decided to move forward with a town meeting and hope that Congressman Sweeney will take the time to attend.”

The IN THIS TOGETHER campaign is a grassroots effort to educate and mobilize voters to ensure that their Senators and Representatives will oppose any proposals to privatization Social Security, cut benefits or divert funds from the Trust Fund to pay for private accounts. For more information,

WHO: IN THIS TOGETHER CAMPAIGN, New Yorkers United to Protect Social Security

WHAT: Press conference announcing TownMeeting on Social Security.

WHERE: In front of Rep. John Sweeney’s office
939 Route 146
Clifton Park, NY

WHEN: Thursday, March 24, 2005 – 12:00 p.m.

I also like In This Together for another reason. Bush has been touting his website during his staged events. The In This Together people have their own site Its easy to get them confused.