Monday, March 14, 2005

Somewhere Tom Delay is Laughing

Why is Tom Delay laughing? You might want to check out the Daily Delay to see some reasons why he isn't laughing but if he read this column in the TU today he would laugh and probably make some comment about the pathetic spineless Democrats in NY. And on this one point, The Hammer and I agree.

Why do the Republicans hold such a commanding lead in the House? Because Delay redistricted Texas to make it easier for Republicans to win. And they did. And now Republicans are doing this in Georgia and other states as well. Because they can and because it works. Is it fair? No. Is is working? Yes. Might be time to check in with an installment of WWMD. Hmm...what would Machiavelli do?

"Politics have no relation to morals." Machiavelli

Now we know Delay probably has this posted on the ceiling of his bedroom so its the first thing he sees in the morning when he wakes up. This is probably his only guiding principle. Which is why the Democrats need to consider redistricting. When you are getting your ass kicked the way Democrats have been by the Bush Delay Texas Republicans you need to start thinking about fighting fire with fire. You can't let your party get redistricted into irrelevance. Some blue states are going to have to fight back or every corporate handout, like the bankruptcy bill that just breezed through congress, will pass with flying colors.