Monday, March 28, 2005

A Rare Sighting - National Dems in Albany

Last week's visit to Albany by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer has made some news. This along with Spitzer's national profile, Schumer's bigger role in national Democratic party stategy, continued mumbling of reform in Albany and all the Hillary hype add up to some interesting NY politics in the next 2 years. The Hoyer Visit stories:

Times Union
New York Sun
NYCO's Comments

The top points appear to be:

1) David Patterson, our New York State Minority Senate leader is gaining some national attention for his ideas on what the Democratic party needs in New York and beyond. This should be good for New York. One of his main ideas is that democrats need to build strong grassroots support on a State level in order to win on a national level.

2) Redistricting in New York prior to the 2010 census appears to be off the table.

3) Mr. Hoyer said the DNC will be spending money in New York to help Democrats gain seats at the state and national levels.

4) On the national levels the two '06 targets appear to be Vito Fossella, a Republican of Staten Island, and Rep. Sue Kelly, a Republican of Rockland County.

Sadly, neither article got a quote from Stephen Minarik. Those are always fun. Minarik has the same kind of tough odds and misplaced optimism as the Black Knight in The Search for the Holy Grail. "come back here and I'll bite your legs off..."