Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pot holes in Arbor Hill

You know what the real problem with Arbor Hill is? Pot holes!! Its tough to speed by all the vacant buildings with those crappy roads. No longer! The Mayor has just announced that a new project to redo Henry Johnson Blvd in Arbor Hill will be done shortly before the election. Once it's done you will drive so fast you won't even see the vacant buildings. To the money quote:

"It's good that they are doing the road. It'll probably help," said Ron Bailey, vice chairman of the Sheridan Hollow Neighborhood Association. "But I'd rather that the city use the money to fix up vacant and abandoned buildings in the community. I don't know why they do this stuff. Maybe it's an election year."

Oh... oh cynical Ron Bailey. Can't the Mayor do anything good without being criticized? Like perhaps fix up New Scotland Ave or Whitehall where all those voters live? Back to the TU!

"Meanwhile, the city also is remaking about 1.7 miles of Hackett Boulevard, a major route that runs through the Delaware Avenue and Whitehall neighborhoods in the heavily residential southern party of the city.

That work, from Holland to Forest avenues, will include doubling the width of a biking/walking path along the road from five feet to 10 feet, along with improved crosswalks to make it easier for pedestrians, Bruce said.

This week's contract award comes as Mayor Jerry Jennings begins his campaign for a fourth four-year term. The two road projects follow similar upgrades on upper New Scotland Avenue (a $5.4 million job), Pearl Street ($9.5 million) and Lark Street ($2.5 million), which have been rebuilt during the last five years. The New Scotland Avenue work is still under way and should be completed by August 2005."

It's a fund raising Renaissance! I wonder why they aren't doubling the width of the "biking/walking path" in Arbor Hill? Maybe next election year.