Friday, March 04, 2005

Mayor Jennings WROW

Park South

Mayor Jennings "Let's not overreact....everyone seems to be on board...just about".

Well we know the eager developers are on board, how about the pesky residents of Park South?

"Be prepared to litigate," said Tony DiLello, who grew up in the neighborhood and whose family still lives there. "The city is going to offer you the least amount of money they can. Then you will get an appraiser, they will get an appraiser and you will lose."

Tony doesn't really seem to be "on board" with this plan. How is this for an "accessible" Mayor that listens to the people? On March 3rd the city holds a meeting to discuss the plan with the residents of Park South. It is a standing room only affair and the citizens express concern. March 18th is the deadline for developers to make an offer on this project. How much do you think the citizens can get done in those 2 weeks when the Mayor is telling them not to "overreact"?