Monday, March 21, 2005

Mayor Jennings' Priorities

Today Mayor Jennings made an announcement about his committment to the citizens of Albany. And before all you cynics out there say, "he announces lots of things...what does he DO?" I'm going to have to say "shut your whining traps" because I really believe Mayor Jennings is dedicated to this cause.

“2005 promises to be a great season of golf at our beautiful Capital Hills at Albany Golf Course. I am thoroughly committed to making Capital Hills the premiere course in our Capital Region, if not New York State. In fact, we have just completed Phase III of improvements to the course totaling $700,000” stated Mayor Jennings. “I encourage all of our residents to take advantage of this great and challenging golf course we have right here in our beautiful City”

See what I mean? Now, where else could we have spent $700,000 in Albany and do as much for the citizens?

Update: Here are the numbers for the Albany Golf Course according to the city budget.

In the comments a "conservative" writer mentioned how I was just being a "cynical democrat" and not taking into account what a great revenue generator the golf course was and thus I wasn't employing the solid common sense that I would have if I'd had the good fortune of being a conservative. Well, I'm a fiscal conservative myself and so I checked the numbers. So much for the "profit center".

Estimated Revenue:

Fees: $550,000
Commissions: $300,000

Total Estimated Revenue: $850,000


Personal Services: $467,293
Equipment: $48,000
Contractual Expenses: $316,000
Benefits: $108,223

Total Expenses: $939,516

Now we can't be sure about the estimated revenue. Could be higher, could be lowerbut typically if someone isn't eager to update their projected revenue with "actual" totals its because they didn't meet or exceed the projections. Either way it looks like the golf course lost approximately $89,000 in 2004. And these numbers do not include the $750,000 expense for the "Phase 3" improvements. So, the city budget shows the golf course as a money loser. Good thing we've got the city dump. That thing is a gold mine!