Friday, March 04, 2005

Mayor Jennings Gets Foreign Endorsements

So Mayor Jennings got some endorsements yesterday for his re-election campaign. It went a little something like this:

"I'm very happy about this obviously" Mayor Jennings

"He has done a good job" Michael Breslin, Albany County Executive

"You can go to any area of the city and you can't help but see evidence of the visionary leadership of Jerry Jennings...let's reward him with a record margin this year" Congressmen Mike McNulty

Now to the questions:

Reporter: "Congressman McNulty, I can go to any area of the city and I "can't help" but notice that you don't live in any of them. What I think you can help with is explaining why the fuck I should care what you think about who should run my city? Go endorse someone in Green Island."

McNulty: "I think you need to understand that we all get donations from the same people and that we get very little money given to us from the people that actually live in the city so we really don't care about you. If you've got a problem with the city, move out of it. PS. If it wasn't clear when i said "let's reward him with record margins" that was code language for developers hoping to get the Park South contract. Let's set some records. "

Reporter: "Mr Breslin, this is a two part question, first just how much money was Congressman McNulty referring to and second, do you leave your spine in the suburbs when you come to work in the city or do you just not have one? "

Breslin, "He has done a good job....if you don't like the job he is doing don't live in the city. Do you see me living in this city.? Hell no. "

Reporter: "Mayor Jennings, couldn't you find anyone that actually lives in the city to endorse you?"

Mayor Jennings: "That is an unfair question. I live in the city, I mean right on the edge of the city as far away from Arbor Hill as I could get but technically I still live in the city, and I endorse me. I'm self endorsed."