Monday, March 28, 2005

Madison Theatre - User Comment

Here is a comment on the recent Madison theatre news and this post that I think is worth reading because it sheds more light on this issue and addresses some issues that haven't made the papers.

"If the mayor really wanted people to believe he had a hand in making any of this happen, maybe he should have spent more than 5 minutes at any of the Friends of the Madison public input events? At the most recent event, where they solicited ideas from the public about possible uses for the theater, the mayor posed for a few photos, stayed long enough to get a "We'd like to thank the mayor for being here" and disappeared before a single proposal was introduced.

Also, nobody is discussing the new owner's plans for the theater - which is worrying, because they don't bode well for its success. According to the new owner, he intends to keep it as a seven-screen first-run movie house - despite most people saying that when the last owner turned it from a single screen to a multi-screen (with "theaters" smaller than some apartments' living rooms) it ceased being an enjoyable experience. The new owner has said he plans to keep it that way. During the FotM meeting, several people stood up and said that there's no way it could be successful as a first-run theater without filling another niche (dinner/movie, bar/movie, genre movies, etc)... Personally, I'm worried that this is going to be the third strike against the theater, and like the Wellington, the city will use that demise to justify tearing it down."

Also, I'm looking at changing the functionality of this site to allow for more people to contribute stories and to make it more of a community resource. Let me know what you think of that.