Wednesday, March 02, 2005

King's Ransom

So Suny Chancellor King has come up on this blog once or twice for his somewhat high living standards that we are all funding. This article was brought to my attention via NYCO. As you know along with his $250,000 a year salary plus $7,500 a month for "housing" costs the Chancellor gets a driver. Turns out this costs us taxpayers $175,000 a year. Now remember, Mr. King is still smarting from not being able to give himself a raise to $420,000 (which he tried recently) so he does feel underpaid. So what does Mr. King have to say about his $175,000 a year transportation costs?

"I wouldn't call it a perk," he said, adding that the driver "allows me to be more productive. It's a value to the university."

Makes you wonder just what Mr. King might consider a perk?

I'm thinking having a driver allows him to safely consume the large amounts of gin or whiskey it would take to allow anyone to think making a remark like that in public is somehow a good idea.

Let's do the math. $175,000 for the driver/$500 tuition increase = No tuition increase for 350 lucky students if King would drive his own sorry ass around town.