Monday, March 21, 2005

The King as Court Jester

In case you missed it the TU printed some fine comedy in the letters to the editor section yesterday. It seems that SUNY Chancellor King has recently come under some criticism for his lavish compensation package. Yes, he gets paid $250,000 a year. Yes, he gets an additional $7,500 a month for his "housing" costs. Yes, he gets a car. Yes, he has a three drivers. And according to the Chancellor he does not consider having a car and driver as a "perk". So on Sunday, his letter was printed in which he defended his compensation. Now when you read this, imagine trying to make this same statement yourself and try to keep a straight face.

"Contrary to your assertion, I have only one driver, not three." Chancellor King

Oh, King! Damn! You showed us. I feel foolish. So now that we've been admonished what else does he have to say?

"Finally, this page continuously attacks my compensation. This is set by the board of trustees, not by me and has not changed since I became chancellor in January 2000."

Well. See. I've got a problem with that statement. Contrary to your assertion, Mr. King, you recently tried to get a raise to $420,000 a year. You did this. It was the board that voted it down.

And remember when you wanted to take a 6 month paid vacation and keep ALL of the above benefits? Remember?