Sunday, March 13, 2005

Its Albany, Just Don't Get Caught..More Than Once...For Now

Hey, check out Fred LeBrun's deeply disturbing column today! Finally someone wrote about the fact that the Police Chief is an admitted liar. But Fred took this opportunity to give the Mayor and the Chief a pass. See, you might not have known the reality of Albany but Fred does so let's start there.

"This is Albany. We are lied to every day and rather expect it, by politicians and lawyers, cops and even clerics."

Sounds like this might be our fault. Since we expect to be lied to, what choice did Chief Turley really have? I'm sorry. I apologize for enabling the Chief.

And the Chief supposedly did get in trouble with the Mayor.

"Word is he was quickly summoned to Mayor Jerry Jennings's office for a session behind the woodpile. Turley's butt was handed back to him flayed about nine different ways."

Ok. What word? Who's word? I'm not going to keep up this enabling behavior and let my politicians think its ok to lie to me (since i've apologized it is a matter of honor). Fred Lebrun (why trust him?...this is Albany) says that the "word" is that Mayor Jennings reprimanded the Chief. Now, we know we can't believe the Chief and Fred said that our politicians lie to us every day (its Albany!) so what if Fred was lying when he said the Mayor is a liar (we know the Chief is, unless of course he was lying about his lying). Until I see some flayed butt, I'm not so sure I can believe any of this.

And that still leaves the Mayor with no public comment on this situation aside from him perhaps being "the word". Is that what you want out of your leaders? If he would just stand up an openly lie to us and let us know that the chief would make sure to not get caught again....Oh yeah...Fred Lebrun failed to mention that the Chief actually got CAUGHT not only lying but lying to cover up an illegal investigation of an innocent civilian. The Chief wasn't simply lying about an intern and oral sex. He was lying to cover up an illegal investigation. But Fred thinks this is ok becaues the Chief was "frustrated" with anonymous tips to the media which led to the police department breaking the law. So, while I think he should be fired because he admits he is a liar I REALLY think he should be fired because the department appears to operate with complete disregard for the law. But Fred doesn't think that is worth mentioning.

So Fred lets it be known that the Chief is "on notice". Yeah. I feel better (actually, I'm lying about that).

Meanwhile the city of Colonie is being sued for doing exactly what the Chief was lying to cover up.