Sunday, March 27, 2005

Invest in New York's Kids

Hopefully there won't be too many more of these posts about gangs in Albany and our city can start to provide positive options for our kids. But for now, another article about gangs and kids in Albany. We know we've got a problem. Now we need some solutions. What does Meredith Wiley, the State Director for Fight Crime: Invest in Kids New York, have to say?

"We can talk about $600 million for a new stadium in New York City yet they knock $1.3 million out of a program that prevents child abuse. And where are they on a $1.6 million cut in the Healthy Families after-school programs?"

"Kids who don't get in trouble believe they have a future."

Hey, Meredith, don't forget another $185-$225 for a convention center in Albany. But I'm sure we won't have any problems getting funding for programs here in Albany. See, our Mayor claims to be a Democrat but he crossed party lines to endorse Governor Pataki. But he only did it so we could get funding for our city so we would prosper. So I'm sure while Troy and Schenectady might be without hope, the funding will pour into Albany programs for Healthy Families. Right?